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Cruise Control

Cruise Control

Carma Automotive specialise in the installation of both aftermarket and OEM cruise control systems.

How Cruise Control works:

Drive vehicle at 20mph or over, press the set button and the vehicle will remain at this speed. With most of the systems we supply and fit you have the option to increase the vehicle speed by pressing the “+” button and decrease the speed with the “-” button. There can also be a resume button that allows you to revert back to original speed last set. As well as the cruise control stalk having its own button to cancel the operation, depressing the clutch and/or brake will also cancel the system out. On an OEM fitted system a warning light will also illuminate on the dashboard indicating the cruise control is now active.

Carma Automotive offer:

  • Factory fit OEM Cruise Control systems
  • Aftermarket Cruise Control systems
  • ECU coding to program Cruise Control into vehicle on board computer(s)
  • Repair of OEM & aftermarket cruise control systems.

For vehicle availability, advice or more information on Cruise Control please feel free to get in touch.