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Handsfree Phone Kits & Bluetooth

Car Bluetooth Kit

With such a large selection of hands free kits to choose from, there are several options to consider when choosing a phone system for your vehicle. All phone kits offer different levels of control and functionality as well as displays/controllers varying in shape, style and size.

We offer a large selection of hands free solutions suitable for both 12 and 24 volt systems.

There are mainly 3 different types of phone kits to choose from:

Fixed / Interchangeable cradle

This type of system comprises of a cradle that is usually situated on the dashboard area and an external antenna system that boosts the phone signal. The main advantages of the fixed system include phone charging and an interchangeable cradle option.

Fixed SIM

Fixed SIM phone kits are commonly used in commercial and heavy goods vehicles. They do not require a phone to be linked with the system as the kit uses its own dedicated SIM card that is permanently housed within the unit itself.


Bluetooth phone kits are becoming the most popular choice with today’s drivers as they offer maximum flexibility when using multiple phones and for when users regularly change their handset. Carma Automotive offer a large choice of kits varying from a simple answer, end and volume button, to a more advanced kit using a display to show your phonebook, call information and even connect your music device for audio playback.

We can also fit aftermarket Bluetooth phone systems as an OEM style fit. This is ideal if you want to retain the aesthetics of the vehicle’s dashboard and prefer not to have anything on show such as screens, buttons and microphones. Please call us for more information on this.


We can code, install, upgrade and repair most original equipment phone systems. Many of the OEM phone kits we supply and fit offer the user great controllability, functionality and integration into the vehicles original on board interfaces.

Some of the main features (vehicle dependent) include wireless audio streaming through the original speaker system (amplified & non-amplified), full phonebook control through the head unit and steering wheel controls (if fitted), display of the phone book and signal/battery strength through the head unit and instrument cluster display and discreet, out of sight mounting of the microphone.

Main features available with most phone kits include:

  • Non-damage dash bracket options to charge/support your phone or device
  • Bluetooth phone syncing
  • Wireless audio streaming
  • Integration with OEM steering controls
  • iPod, AUX, USB integration
  • Monotone or full colour displays showing phone book, call information, music album art etc.
  • Voice recognition
  • Option to pair two phones at the same time

Some of the systems we supply, install and repair:

Nokia CK-7W, Parrot MKi9200, Parrot CK3100, THB Bury, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, NSV.

Carma Automotive offer phone kits for:

  • Car Bluetooth and hands free
  • HGV Bluetooth and hands free
  • Motorhome / Camper Bluetooth and hands free
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