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Diagnostics and Auto Electrical

Diagnostics and Auto Electrical

Are you experiencing problems with your windows, heaters, lights or wipers? Is your ABS, Airbag, or Engine Management light on? If so Carma Automotive can help!

Here at Carma Automotive we provide an on site mobile diagnostic & repair service for the majority of vehicles right across the north west & south west of England.

Using a comprehensive range of main dealer diagnostic and test equipment – combined with years of experience in complex electrical systems, we can diagnose & repair problems with all types of wiring, components and sensors found in today’s modern vehicles.

Some of which include:

  • Engine management systems
  • Immobilisers and alarm systems
  • ABS and stability electronics
  • Instrument cluster
  • Airbag SRS systems
  • Steering assistance
  • Steering angle sensor
  • Navigation and entertainment
  • Heating electronics
  • Cruise control
  • Steering wheel electronics
  • Lighting systems
  • Central locking
  • Towing electrics
  • Suspension electronics
  • Roof electronics
  • Convenience and comfort systems
  • Door electronics
  • Wiper electronics
  • Electric mirrors/windows
  • Parking sensors/aids
  • Seat and steering column electronics
  • Battery drain problems
  • Starter motors and alternators
  • MAF (Mass air flow), Oxygen / Lambda sensors
  • CANBUS related systems

We also:

  • Accurately diagnose dashboard warning lights
  • Reset service lights
  • Repair and modify wiring
  • Preform coding and adaptation of some control modules
  • Provide diagnostic health check reports of vehicle electrical systems

Our diagnostic and test equipment covers almost all car manufactures including:

Audi Diagnostics • Renault Diagnostics • Citroen Diagnostics • Peugeot Diagnostics • Mercedes Diagnostics • BMW Diagnostics • Mini Diagnostics • Porsche Diagnostics • Ford Diagnostics • Mazda Diagnostics • Jaguar Diagnostics • Land Rover Diagnostics • Honda Diagnostics • Vauxhall Diagnostics • Volvo Diagnostics • VW Diagnostics • SAAB Diagnostics • Smart Diagnostics • Skoda Diagnostics • Seat Diagnostics • Toyota Diagnostics • Lexus Diagnostics • Fiat Diagnostics • Kia Diagnostics • Hyundai Diagnostics • Mitsubishi Diagnostics • Suzuki Diagnostics • Jeep Diagnostics • Holden Diagnostics • Daewoo Diagnostics • Ssangyong Diagnostics • Nissan Diagnostics • Alfa Romeo Diagnostics • Proton Diagnostics • Daihatsu Diagnostics • Subaru Diagnostics • Dacia Diagnostics • Isuzu Diagnostics

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