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ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping is a way guaranteed to improve and upgrade the engine maps to unlock the hidden power and economy in your vehicle.

Since the introduction of programmable engine control units in 1999 it has been possible to upgrade the maps inside the ECU. We can make changes in the way your car controls power delivery and torque, safely increasing power and efficiency of your engine removing the restrictive compromises set by the manufacturer.

Here at Carma Automotive we offer 3 different types of engine remaps:

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DPF Delete

DPF Delete is sometimes known as DPF Remapping. We can remove the problematic Diesel particulate Filter restoring your car back to full power, and turning off the DPF error code. Removal of the DPF is a much cheaper alternative to replacement. It also means the problem is gone forever, and will never come back. There are also additional benefits such as better fuel economy, faster acceleration and even more power.

We undertake our DPF Removals to a very high standard so that to all external appearance the DPF “LOOKS” to be still present. This means it will pass any visual inspection.