Which socket do you require?

Single (12N) Towbar Socket

Single (12N)

The Single (12N) is a standard ‘single electric’ point that is required for most caravans, trailers and cycle carriers. This type of socket provides functions such as indicators, tail lights, brake lights and fog lights.

Twin (12S) Towbar Socket

Twin (12S)

The Twin (12S) sockets, otherwise known as ‘twin electrics’ are installed if you are towing an older caravan fitted with the extra grey/white 7-pin plug. The 12N (black) provides the normal road light functions (indicators, tail lights, brake lights and fog light(s)). The 12S (grey/white) provides a reverse light feed, runs the fridge in the caravan, ancillary lighting (vehicle dependent) and also charges the battery whilst you are on the move.

Euro (13Pin) Towbar Socket

Euro (13Pin)

The 13 pin (Euro) socket is the latest style of electric point that combines both single (12N) and (12S) sockets into one. As of September 2008 all caravans manufactured will be wired up with the 13 pin plug to meet ISO / B.S.I requirements.

These sockets are also recommended on certain installations as some vehicles have limited mounting space for 2 sockets and only allow room for 1. If you have twin sockets fitted on your caravan, having a 13 pin (Euro) fitted with an additional conversion lead to convert the connection over could prove a better option as the overall look of the installation would be a lot more discreet.

This type of socket is also used on some cycle carriers.

Our towbar services include

Towbar Fitting

There are mainly four different designs to consider when choosing your towbar. Each design will vary in terms of appearance, cost and flexibility.

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Carma Automotive offer three different types of sockets for the electrics on your towbar. Choosing what socket you require all depends on what you are towing. 7 Pin, otherwise known as 12N, is the most common and is standard for most UK trailers and caravans.

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Choosing how the towbar electrics are connected to your vehicle is essential for trouble free towing. With car/van wiring becoming more complex, certain vehicles will require additional parts for correct operation off the trailer lights. There are various ways in which this can be achieved.

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Repairs & Upgrades

Keeping you towing safely and providing additional socket upgrades giving you extra convenience when towing are just a few of the towing services we can offer.

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Towbar Coding

In order for all the features of a dedicated kit to be fully functional, some vehicles will require the towing module to be coded or programmed into the vehicle’s onboard computer.

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