Thatcham Recognised Installer

Carma Automotive offer a range of stolen vehicle recovery and fleet management systems.

We fit tracking products to the following vehicles

Car & Van Trackers
HGV (Heavy goods vehicles) Trackers
Motorhome Trackers
Campervan Trackers
Caravan Trackers
Horse Box Trackers
Electric car Trackers
Motorbike Trackers
ATV (Quad bike) Trackers
Agricultural (Tractors) Trackers
Plant (Diggers, Excavators, Bulldozers) Trackers
Marine (Boats, Jet skis) Trackers

There are mainly 3 different grades of Tracking systems:

Thatcham Category S5/5 – High Risk

Usually fitted on vehicles with a value of around £60k and above. The CAT S5/5 has been specifically designed to combat the high rise in motor vehicles stolen with the keys.

Main Features:

  • Battery back-up
  • 3 way communication (system dependent)
  • Street level mapping
  • Police or licensed security agreement
  • Illegal motion detection
  • Driver identification
  • Approved secure operating centre
  • Engine crank immobilisation
  • European coverage
  • Level 1 Police response

Common systems approved:

Vodafone Automotive (Cobra) Protect & Connect 5, Autowatch Track and Trace 5, SmarTrack S5, Tracker Cat 5 plus, Trackstar Cat 5

Thatcham Category S7/6 – Medium Risk

Main Features:

  • Battery back-up
  • Bi Directional communication
  • Street level mapping
  • Police or licensed security agreement
  • Illegal motion detection
  • Approved secure operating centre
  • European coverage

Common systems approved:

Tracker Response, Tracker Locate, Scorpion Track ST50, Vodafone Automotive (Cobra) Protect & Connect 6

Independent Tracking Systems – Non Approved

Main Features:

  • Battery back-up
  • Low monthly/annual subscription costs
  • Illegal motion detection
  • Easily transferable from one vehicle to another
  • European coverage
  • Complete control of your own tracking system & account

Fleet Management

Fleet management systems

Carma Automotive offer low cost, easy fleet tracking solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

Key features of a Fleet Management System:

  • Monitor driver behavior
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Provide better route management
  • Improve work allocation
  • Alarm and alerts for area control
  • Use GPS technology to find vehicles if stolen

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Carma Automotive offer a range of tracking systems that:

Are Thatcham approved and supported by the UK Police force

Are recognised by insurance companies which can reduce insurance premiums

Are activated via motion sensors to detect unauthorised movement

Can be tracked using a PC or smartphone

Can include a tag system to detect the theft of a vehicle even with keys stolen (keytheft)

Can use VHF, GPS and GSM technologies that can overcome signal blockers to locate your vehicle

Our vehicle security services include


We specialise in the fitting of high quality alarm and immobiliser systems. We can advise on what alarm suits your vehicle best and customise an exact package that meets your needs.

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We offer a variety of immobiliser systems to suit all types of vehicles. Our range includes touch key immobilisers, transponder immobilisers and remote type immobilisers.

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From Stolen Vehicle Recovery systems to Fleet Management solutions, Carma Automotive offer smart tracking products for all types of vehicles.

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Upgrades and Accessories

Upgrade your existing alarm system or combine more sensors to a new security package maximizing the protection of your pride and joy.

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Bypass / Repair / Removal

We have the experience and knowledge to deal with all different types of alarm/immobiliser related issues. From vehicle non-starts to false alarms, we can diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently.

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